Edward W. Dodds
Undergraduate and Graduate transcripts summary
University of Minnesota – Morris, Minnesota
Freed-Hardeman University – Henderson, Tennessee
Bachelor of Arts, Bible, 143 semester hours, G.P.A. 3.0
Abilene Christian University – Abilene, Texas
Master of Arts, Mission, 90 semester hours, G.P.A. 3.1

University of Minnesota – Morris, Minnesota
Chemistry 1501 General Chemistry I
Computer Science 3101 Computer Programming – Fortran
English 1201 Freshman Composition I
English 1202 Freshman Composition II
Mathematics 1201 Calculus I
Philosophy 3610 Philosophy of Kant
Speech 1101 Introduction to Speech Communication

Freed-Hardeman University – Henderson, Tennessee
BIB 111 Genesis-Exodus
BIB 121 Life of Christ
BIB 122 Acts of Apostles
BIB 161 New Testament Greek I
BIB 162 New Testament Greek II
BIB 221 Paul’s Epistle’s I
BIB 232 Missions Principles and Practices
BIB 240 Scheme of Redemption
BIB 241 Biblical Interpretation
BIB 251 Church History I
BIB 332 World Evangelism
BIB 338 Urban Church Growth
BIB 339 Missions Internship
BIB 342 Denomination Dogmas
BIB 361 Elementary Hebrew I
BIB 410 Critical Introduction to the Old Testament
BIB 420 Critical Introduction to the New Testament
BIB 423 General Epistles
BIB 434 Seminar for Bible Majors
BIB 446 Christian Evidences
BIO 111 General Biology I
COM 141 Public Speaking
COM 143 Debate Workshop I
COM 160 Theater Appreciation
COM 231 Preparation and Delivery of Sermons
COM 241 Small Group Communication
COM 243 Forensics Workshop
COM 250 Fundamentals in Broadcast Operations
COM 340 Argumentation
COM 341 Empirical Research Methods in Communication
COM 342 Communication Theory
COM 347 Communication in Organizations
COM 345 Persuasion
COM 349 World Public Address
ENG 225 English Literature
ENG 245 World Literature
HIS 111 Survey of Civilization I
HIS 112 Suyvey of Civilation II
HIS 221 American History I
IDS 495 Values in Human Thought and Action
PEA 156 Weight Training
PEA 168 Recreation and Singing Games
SOC 230 Marriage and the Family

Abilene Christian University – Abilene, Texas
BIBH 583 Restoration History
BIBL 534 Prophetic Literature of the Old Testament
BIBL 563 The Pastoral Epistles
BIBL 611 Religious Teachings of the Old Testament
BIBL 622 Text and Canon of the New Testament
BIBL 624 Exegetical Seminar in Acts
BIBD 641 Introduction to Doctrinal Studies
BMIS 500 01 Guided Study: Evangelism Practicum
BMIS 500 02 Evangelism Practicum II
BMIS 519 Introduction to Missionary Research
BMIS 541 History and Culture of Brazil
BMIS 544 Urban Anthropology
BMIS 545 Mission Anthropology
BMIS 558 Special Topics in Missions
BMIS 571 Introduction to the Study of Religion
BMIS 579 Latin American Peoples
BMIS 580 Urban Evangelism
BMIS 589 Animism
COMS 336 Nonverbal Communication